install IPTV on Roku

The most important thing you will need to use InfinityIptv, is a player.
Specifically an M3U player. Unfortunately, Roku has restricted all M3U
players from their store.
Luckily there is another way to enjoy InfinityIptv. You will need to have either
an Android or iOS device and install the Web Video Caster app on it.
This application is available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App
Store. These instructions will get you up and running quickly.
1. Install the Web Video Caster app from the Play Store or Apple Store
and then open it.
2. Tap on the three lines in the top left-hand corner of the screen to
bring down the sidebar.
3. Select ‘IPTV’ from the list.
4. Next, tap on the + icon to open up a blank field under a spot that
reads ‘IPTV address’.
5. In this field, you will now paste your M3U URL. This link is what will
be given to you after you have signed up for InfinityIptv.
6. Give your IPTV list a name. You should name it InfinityIptv. But you can
name it anything.
7. Exit this sidebar menu and tap on the Cast icon. It is located in the
top right-hand corner of the app and looks like a TV screen with
signal waves next to it.
8. Now you will have to select the type of device you want to scan for.
Scroll down and tap on the Roku device option and then tap on ‘Done’.

Be extra sure that both your smartphone and your Roku box
are connected via the same wi-fi network or this step will not work.

9. Go to the IPTV menu section of the Web Video Caster app and look
for the account you named in step 6. Click on it.
10. Wait for a few moments for the app to load the playlist.
11. Tap on the Roku Device option on the following page and lastly tap
on the ‘Play’ option.